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PICES 2024 In Focus

It was an absolute delight to introduce our new initiative “PICES in Focus” which ran from January 31 - February 12. The two week Exhibition in partnership with Bass Coast Shire Council featured works from 3 highly respected local and regional contemporary artists Mae Adams, Andrew Kasper and Mark Schaller. We were so thrilled to have this calibre of artists participate.

In this exhibition, Paint, Fibre and Steel were brought together in a collective body of works, with each artist contributing a unique voice and story to their works. The diverse mediums employed reflected not only technical prowess but also a profound individuality, contributing to the richness and diversity of the overall artistic dialogue. PICES in Focus emerged as a celebration of the local contemporary art scene, and offered viewers a unique opportunity to delve into the personal stories and creative journeys woven into the fabric of the artists works.

The PICES in Focus artists' talk on Sunday, February 4th, 2024, drew in an audience of more than 60 guests who enjoyed the works in the PICES in Focus, Paint, Fibre and Steel exhibition at Berninneit's art gallery as a backdrop. The event was expertly moderated by Catherine Watson, owner-editor of the Bass Coast Post. Mae Adams - weaver, Andrew Kasper - sculptor and Mark Schaller - painter, engaged the audience with insightful discussions about their artistic journeys and experiences in shaping successful art practices within the Gippsland region. The artists' generosity in sharing their creative processes and inspirations provided valuable insights for the attendees.

A documentary capturing the essence of the talk and featuring the artists in their studios is in the making, promising to offer a deeper understanding of their artistic endeavours. The video will be a valuable resource for many artists and will be available to view on You Tube with links posted on PICES social media and website once editing is complete.

PICES expresses gratitude to the Bass Coast Shire Council and Regional Arts Victoria for their support, providing grants that enabled the presentation of the PICES in Focus Exhibition and the creation of the documentary. We'd also like to sincerely thank Bass Coast Visitor Information Centre, Alex Scott Real Estate Cowes, and Print-it-Fast for their support in promoting the event to residents & visitors to Cowes, it contributed significantly to us achieving record attendance to our six week long program

A little bit more about the artists….

Mae Adams I Weaving
Mae’s keen interest in working with plant fibres has emerged through searching for a process that complements her commitment to bush land conservation and sustainability. The plant materials Mae uses are mostly Australian indigenous species grown on her property, or gathered nearby with minimal disturbance. The process of gathering, preparing materials and slow stitching is meditative and personally satisfying for her and is both creative and ancient.

Andrew Kasper | Sculpture
In Andrew’s current studio practice, he is focused on the inflation of steel and (mainly) mirror stainless. He particularly enjoys the process of inflation as one can never really predict the outcome. The material formation, when inflated, dictates how he manipulates it to achieve a desired aesthetic outcome.

Mark Schaller | Painter
Mark's approach to his latest works is as simple as putting down his materials and going for a walk to get a feel of what he might want to create without any fixed idea. In the back of his mind the thought that what he really wants to paint is not in front of him but probably behind him. Mark paints without any preconceptions, just how he feels

Congratulations PICES! 3 great artists! One great show! - Peter

Well done PICES! Excellent show. Excellent space and great to see contemporary art (abstract) on the island. Great to see council involved. - Marcus and Winsome

Stunning Exhibition, bold, bright, highly professional work, highly skilled …..I’m very impressed. - Samantha

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