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What is an Artist Statement?


4 June 2024

Your artist statement is piece of writing by you that helps the audience understand your artistic work, It begins with a broad overview of your ideas, then provides an explanation on your approach and finishes with a description of your philosophy in relation to your art

The Artist Statement is written in first person and should be about 150 words maximum. Preferred font is Calibri, 14 point, bold.

In referring to the body of work exhibited, the Artist Statement shall explain (preferably in 3 paragraphs):

  • Direction of the work to be exhibited

  • An explanation of subject and/or theme, approach, methodology, and philosophy

  • Intention of the work.

Ideally reproduced in a transparency (clear plastic) format, the Artist Statement is fixed to the wall adjacent to the works.

Source:  Flying Arts Alliance Inc

Examples of an Artist Statement for Brian Jones


Over time my works have reflected a minimalist approach whereby the primary interest is in the ever-changing light conditions and weather patterns observed over Port Phillip Bay.  The compositions are more about visual and emotional response, rather than detail.


The works exhibited begin to show a new development whereby the horizon, a common point of reference for a landscape painter, is being dispensed with. Imagery is being stripped back so much so that the works become less about landscape as they begin to assume a more formal abstraction (see Mist over Port Phillip Bay III).


Agnes Martin (1912 - 2004), the American abstract painter wrote “Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye, it is in the mind”. Although my works draw upon the landscape in the first instance, it is the emotional response to the landscape, in an abstracted format that I wish to pursue in my work.


Brian Jones

June 2024

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