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Pop Up 2023

The fourth and most successful PICES Pop Up Exhibition to date had a change of venue for 2023 with the event taking place at the Ramada Resort in Cowes, Phillip Island for the first time. It was a great venue with lots of airy space and light. Being in the Ramada Resort also gave the guests an opportunity to visit and immerse themselves in the exhibition. Once again people couldn’t wait for next week's installation of the Pop Up exhibition.

As with all our exhibitions the curation is what really makes a difference. We were very fortunate to have Warren Nichols, a first rate curator, curate for PICES again. This was greatly appreciated by the artists and admired by the general public.

With 26 exhibiting artists over the four weeks with different artists works rotated each week it was a real show stopper. The caliber of artists were first rate and the range of works was both exceptional and eclectic. Many of the artworks were sold and with over $15,000 in art sales, reinforcing the success of the exhibition.

This year in particular was a celebration in bringing many artists and community members together with Covid 19 restrictions no longer in play. The event attracted record crowds relative to other years and there was a real energy and vibe happening.

It was also the first time we held a raffle to show support for PICES with wonderful donated prizes. This worked amazingly well and really helped put some extra well needed funds toward future events!

Another exciting thing to come out of this exhibition was the collaboration between the artists who were so supportive and generous in sharing techniques and motivations with each other. Lots of networking and friendships resulted from these interactions.

It has been great to look all these works of arts. Such creativity, fantastic to witness and see – Sylvie

Impressive range of wonderful quality of work – Tessa

Fantastic artwork and great to see. Important for artists to have a space to be creative and exhibit their works - Carl

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