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Pop Up 2021

The 2021 PICES Pop Up Exhibition launched straight into a covid environment which proved an interesting but rewarding time.

The Pop-Up's ran over five weeks and despite the uncertainty, on whether this event would proceed the exhibition enjoyed huge success with over 950 visitors and $12,000 in sales.

To supplement this activity PICES was also awarded a grant from Regional Arts Victoria (RAV) and Bass Coast Shire Council (BCSC) to produce a Covid 19 video series that featured individual artist responses to the pandemic and provided insight on how they coped and flourished through this challenging time.

This informative video was showcased in Week-3 of the exhibition and was followed four local artists, Susan Brereton, Susan Hall, Steve Parker and Pip Cleeland on their Covid journey showcasing their art and their providing inspiration for artists and art-lovers alike.

"Beautiful and thought provoking- A wonderful part of our trip to the Island" | Megan

"A great Exhibition. We need a permanent gallery to showcase local artists" | Melanie

"Eclectic collection of impressive artworks and art objects" | Tina

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