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Pop Up 2020

2020 saw the birth of the first PICES Pop-Up Exhibition in Cowes. In this first year PICES was known as ESPI (Exhibition Space Phillip Island) and was started by like minded art lovers and artists seeking to raise awareness, recognition and support to establish a much needed community gallery in Cowes.

The Pop-Up ran five seperate exhibitions over 5 weeks starting December 28, 2019 and running until the end of January, 2020. A total of twenty-one local artists from across the Bass Coast region showcased a extensive range of interesting and diverse works. All the exhibits were of an incredibly high standard and included an exciting range of paintings, sculpture, ceramic, glass and local aboriginal artworks. The exhibition was curated by Catherine Robinson who did an amazing job to put together a stunning collection of different works each week.

With over 800 visitors and over $12,000 in art sales the Pop-Up Exhibition concept really reinforced the appetite for a community exhibition space in Phillip Island and has confirmed its value as an event for the future.

"How wonderful to have a space for artists to display their work" | Cathie

"High standard of work! such a great opportunity for the Phillip Island community of Artists" | Barbara

"Fantastic to see some great local artists, will be back!" | Kate

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