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What to include in an Artist CV


21 Mar 2023

Your artist CV is an overview of your professional visual arts practice and whilst similar in structure to an employment resume, it should only contain content and achievements that are related to your professional artistic career and be written in the third person

Typically, a CV provides a resume of an artist’s history under specific headings that include:


1. Title

Show artist name and title (Curriculum Vitae). e.g.Brian Jones Curriculum Vitae

Note: When exhibiting in a gallery other than the artist’s own premises, do not include personal contact details.


2. Education

List education credentials commencing with most recent award earned. e.g.

1999 – 2002 Bachelor of Arts (VCA)

1995 - 1998  Adult Community Education (painting and drawing), Cowes

1987  Painting classes by artist and teacher, John Smith


3. Exhibitions

List exhibitions under the headings of Solo Exhibitions and/or Group Exhibitions, or depending upon the number of exhibitions, may be under a collective heading (i.e. Solo and Group Exhibitions). Beginning with most recent, giving year, title of exhibition (italics), venue, venue location. e.g.


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Lost Horizon 2 Redbank Gallery, Melbourne

2020 Lost Horizon Millowl Art Gallery, Cowes

2018 Snow and Ice Redbank Gallery, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2023 PICES Pop Up Exhibition, Berninneit, Cowes

2019 An Artist Selection Redbank Gallery, Melbourne


4. Awards

List, beginning with most recent, details of awards received. e.g. 2020  Nelson Art Prize, Mornington Art Gallery, Mornington

Similar headings may refer to Residencies, Grants or combined under a single heading that includes Awards i.e. Awards, Grants, Residencies


5. Collections

List in alphabetical order those notable collections in which your work is held.

Representation in private and/or corporate collections may also be referenced. e.g.

Cowes City Council

National Gallery of Victoria

UBEX Collection

Also represented in private collections in Australia and USA


6. Publications

Using the Harvard System (i.e. author last name, first name initial, year (in brackets), title (in italics, lower case except for 1stletter 1st word, and proper nouns), publisher, location e.g. Jones, B (2020) Lost horizon, Bass Publishing, Cowes

Generally, the CV is placed in a single folder that contains all artist CVs and is made available for public viewing.

Source:  Artwork Archive

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