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Diana Bannister

Semi Abstract Artist


Over the course of two decades, Diana Bannister has transformed from a can’t draw a stick figure artist to one who reshapes her environment. Talented, experienced and patient tutors were intrinsic in the development and maturity of her creative journey where she now produces 2D and 3D contemporary work.

Colours, shapes and tones of the natural and man-made environments are her inspiration. As a semi-abstract artist, she is passionate about taking a subject and recreating it in such a way that it takes on a life of its own. Whilst she is never quite sure what the result will be the end product becomes intertwined with its surroundings: the boundaries between figure and field are challenged.

Working primarily in oil paints and hebel stone allows her the freedom to create designs that use two quite distinct processes with painting becoming an almost meditative process building up a design whereas carving hebel stone is quite physical and challenges her and allows her to release the design from the material. These materials lend themselves to the flowing edges and strong lines in her work and entices viewers to see the colours and shapes of the world. To see how everything is interdependent and to take time to see the beauty that is all around us.

Over the last 10 years, Diana's works have been recognized with a suite of awards including:
- 2022 | Inaugural National Capital Art Prize - Finalist
- 2018 | Corinella & District Community Centre - Modern art & Photography Show - First Prize
- 2013 | Corinella & District Comunity Centre - Highly Commended
- 2013 | Bass Coast Artists' Society - Highly Commended
- 2005 & 2006 | Artists' Society Phillip Island - Student First Prize
- 2003 | Lilydale Agricultural & Horticultural Society - Special Effort - Show Theme (Rainforest)
- 2002 | Berwick Artists Society - Novice Section - First Prize
- 2001 | Lilydale Agricultural & Horticultural Society - Novice Section - First Prize

Diana Bannister

Diana Bannister | M 0408 341 898