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Advocacy in Action


Cowes, Phillip Island

Since 2019 PICES has had involvement and input into the redevelopment of the Cowes Cultural and Community Centre design with a particular interest in advocating for a gallery to be included in the design as this was not part of the earlier plans.

PICES then formed a skilled sub committee charged with advocating for a quality exhibition space within the proposed cultural centre. After a huge amount of lobbying and meetings with councillors, council officers and the arts and broader community, it was widely applauded when it was announced that an art gallery should be an integral part of this development.

Regular meetings were then held with the Bass Coast Shire Council Project Manager and architects on the project regarding placement, size and fit-out. It was a challenging but rewarding exercise which demanded some compromise on all sides.

The growing and changing population, together with an increasing expectation for arts and cultural experiences have seen enormous support for this initiative. PICES will continue to work closely with Bass Coast Shire Council in the lead up to its 2023 opening, and beyond. Click the image below to see the proposed layout of the building.


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